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Parent Advocate & Coaching


Parenting is tough. Our methods can often lead to conflict and frustration, leaving us with strained relationships with our children. But there is hope. No matter where you’re at, there’s another way. It’s never too late to turn things around. We all start as clueless parents, but we can break free from unhealthy patterns with conscious effort. Let me guide you on this journey and help you build a stronger connection with your child. I offer two options to support your children: Parent Advocate or Parent Coach.


I’m Alexis

My name is Alexis Jandreau my peaceful, connected parenting journey started in 2018. At this point in my life, I had been an elementary school teacher for 15 years. I had decided to foster to adopt, as a single parent. I went through the program knowing that being a parent, especially one with a child who had trauma, could bring challenges.

I met my son as a 3-year-old and he quickly taught me that my life was changing, and it needed to start with the way I thought I would parent.

I was introduced to the program Empowered Parenting. I devoured books by Karen Purvis and Bryan Post. I LOVED what I was learning. I was seeing a change in myself. I saw my son begin to feel safe.

I brought this information with me to the school I was working with. While they were supportive, I led a book study, I quickly realized that their support did not reach the level of truly understanding.

I became more dissatisfied with the public school system and their outdated ways of working with children when dysregulated, especially those who came from a trauma or neurodiverse background.

Being the teacher that I am I saw the need to help parents see beyond their inherit beliefs and find a more peaceful, connected journey for their families. I also desire to help parents navigate the IEP system.

And here I am today. My son is my best gift and teacher. He helped me to realize that I was capable of so much more.

I am excited to see where the future will lead us.

IEP Support

Need a Parent Advocate?

A parent advocate can make a significant impact when hired by a family navigating the complexities of their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). By joining the family’s support team, the advocate brings expertise in special education laws, regulations, and processes, ensuring that parents fully understand their rights and options.

I will actively engage with school personnel, attending IEP meetings alongside the family, and providing guidance on effective communication strategies. I work to strengthen the IEP, advocating for appropriate services, accommodations, and modifications tailored to the child’s specific needs. Additionally, I empower parents to confidently articulate their concerns and desires for their child’s education.

Through this collaborative approach, a parent advocate becomes an invaluable resource, helping families secure the best possible educational outcomes for their child with an IEP.


Create a deep and meaningful bond with your children, built upon a foundation of unwavering trust, profound connection, and harmonious collaboration. Forge a relationship that goes beyond superficial interactions and embraces the power of authentic understanding. Nurture a sense of mutual respect and open communication, allowing your children to thrive and grow with confidence. Together, embark on a journey of shared experiences, where every milestone becomes a celebration of your unique connection. Discover the joy of parenting as you create lasting memories, shape character, and inspire greatness in your children. Let trust, connection, and collaboration be the pillars that guide your parenting journey, unlocking a world of love, growth, and togetherness.
Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility, where peace, harmony, and mutual understanding flourish in your relationship with your children. Discover the profound joy of creating lasting memories and forging unbreakable bonds rooted in love and empathy. Experience the transformative power of nurturing connection and fostering a nurturing environment that cultivates growth, compassion, and mutual respect. Let your heart be filled with the warmth of shared experiences, as you embark on a journey of shared laughter, shared dreams, and shared achievements. Embrace the beauty of parenthood as you unlock the secrets to building a deep and meaningful connection with your children. Together, let us create a future where understanding and unity thrive, shaping a world where love knows no bounds.
Experience profound healing by addressing the deep emotional wounds you may have carried from your own childhood, allowing you to forge a path towards a brighter and more fulfilling future for both yourself and your precious children. Our transformative approach helps you uncover the hidden layers of pain, enabling you to break free from the chains of your past and embrace a life filled with joy, love, and resilience. Through our compassionate guidance and powerful healing techniques, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and growth, unraveling the knots of emotional turmoil and paving the way for a legacy of emotional well-being for generations to come.

Motherhood. My dream came true. Parenting has been sugar, spice and everything nice and so much more, including heartache, tears and frustration therefore I jumped at the chance to take the Transformational Parenting Process a 12-week course offered by the J’ai Institute. The modules were brimming with beauty. The beauty of how the mother-child bond can be strengthened through intention and scientific facts that were thought provoking. The icing on the cake for me were the parent coaching sessions that were included weekly. My coach, Alexis, would go over the modules with me. She helped me to take the fabulous facts and make them personal for me and my children. I am now better prepared to lean into the truth of how I am feeling. Whether the feelings are enjoyable or uncomfortable. I am also better prepared to lean into how my children are feeling. Thank-you Alexis and the J’ai Institute. My only regret is that I did not take this course earlier!

Tera L.

Alexis Jandeau Advocate Parent  Coaching